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Buford Hollis, a muscular truck driver and costumed adventurer from Texarkana, Arkansas, was in New York looking for his younger sister Bobby Sue who had joined a religious cult.[2] This was in fact led by the villainous Man-Beast (disguised as the Hate-Monger) and it takes the combined efforts of Razorback and Spider-Man to defeat him and free Razorback's sister.[3]

Taryn O'Connell, a female truck driver, spends some time searching for Razorback before he arrived in his oversized rig. They team up and use the rig itself to hijack NASA's experimental faster-than-light spacecraft, the Star Blazer. Though opposed by Mister Fantastic and She-Hulk, they nevertheless succeed in stealing the spaceship.[4]

Their purpose is to find Taryn's lover, Ulysses Solomon Archer, who had left for deep space several years prior, establishing himself as a space trucker. They arrive (with She-Hulk as a stowaway, thanks to Mister Fantastic's assistance) only to discover that Archer had already married Taryn's rival for his affections, Mary McGrill, a woman who had traveled into space with him. Razorback assists She-Hulk and U.S. Archer in defeating Xemnu the Titan, who intended to transform Archer and Mary's as-yet-unborn child into a member of his own species. With the help of the She-Hulk's persuasion, NASA soon realizes that Razorback, with his mutant skill allowing him to drive anything, is the perfect pilot for their craft, and allows him and U.S. Archer to remain in space aboard the Star Blazer with NASA's approval. Taryn joins Buford on his travels, having fallen in love with him. Star Blazer is renamed the Big Pig III, which Razorback calls all his vehicles.[

Razorback and Taryn eventually return to Earth, and Razorback inexplicably fights the Human Torch.[6] Razorback has reportedly lost his mutant powers after M-Day, though his size and strength are unaffected.[7]

Following the Civil War storyline, Razorback was later recruited by the government as part of the Fifty State Initiative program as a member of the Arkansas-based team called The Battalion.[volume & issue needed]

During the Secret Invasion storyline, this Razorback was revealed to be a Skrull infiltrator.[8]

After the invasion is over, the real Razorback is shown in a support group meeting with the others that had been replaced by Skrulls.[9] His teammate Tigra says she'd have left Camp Hammond to begin training him, as he was eager to take back the position which had been assumed by his Skrull replacement. Razorback doesn't take part to the clash against the Thor cyborg called Ragnarok, with Thor Girl being the only replaced heroine to face the powerful clone.[

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