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Legionnaire interview

Hello Friends, Today I have the pleasure to talk to Legionnaire , a thrash metal band
from Germany, very cool stuff.
Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Legionnaire created? 

In 2014, a common friend brought us together, because he knew, we were all interested in making music and searching for a new band project. At the beginning of 2015, our bassplayer and our vocalist joined the group.

Legionnaire” is your new EP Album , what are we going to find in it?
Our first pieces of experience and also our first tries in making music together. These five Tracks make you band your head and the Lyrics cross your mind.

 How was the design and creation process of the album?
The artwork was designed by our friend Denise and the logo by our drummer Silvan. The recordings brought us to our limitds, but it was a great experience and we learned much. Our producer Simon was stoned all the time, but he did a great job.

  I like very much the sound of Legionnaire, it`s very original! The Band mixed several styles, the bass sound in your music is very important. What do you think?

It was our ambition to make the bass sound outstanding`cause the bass lines where influenced by jazz fusion. The guitars reach from Pantera Styled midtempo to fas riffs like Nevermore and Revocation.

 In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band? 

Our way of writing music, because we always try something new.

 What are your musical influences?
Accept from the bands we noticed above, our influences where Metallica, Lost Society, Suicidal Angels and Cannibal Corpse. The melodical parts are inspired by bands like e Be`lakor and Nevermore. The drums are very special, , `cause  they`re a mix of classic Heavyand thrashdrums, but also contain many HIp hopstyled offbeats.

 The band have new songs?
Yes, and we are about to become better and better. Our new songs are faster and more brutal, but have also Grooveparts.

 My Favourite Song is Human Ignominy , what is yours?
From the Ep it`s Human Ignominy too, because it has the best lyrics. But in general we like each song for another reason. Every song is important to us for its own.

 What themes do you touch in your lyrics?
The main parts of the lyrics where about the problems of the modern day  society, like conformism and how to get along with every day life. Accept Human Ignominy. Its about science and our fascination about the universe.

 How do you see the current scene of the Under metal in your country?
In Germany, it´s awesome. The local locations support the bands and at top,  the fans, which support underground bands at their best.

 How can the fan get your album?
We uploaded the EP at bandcamp.com and you can download it there for free. A retail version is coming this year too.

 What are your future plans?
We have almost enough songs for a new full album, we want to record and also to play as mucho shows as possible to bring our music to the people. And also we hope to get signed one day..
 Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish
to add something, go ahead…

Thank you for the interview and your interest in our music. We also would like to
thank our fans for their support.

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