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Tankish Interview

Hello Friends, Today I have the pleasure to talk with Tankist , a power trio of Võru ( Estonia they practice a old school thrash metal, very good stuff

´- -Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Tankist created?
Me (Kevin Marks), Rauno Marks and Joonas Kisand have been playing together for years. We really wanted to preform original music so the idea of making a band was in our head from the very beginning. Officially the band got started in 2012, but we really got our act together at the beginning of 2014 once we started performing live and recorded the Mortuary demo.

         I like it very much the cover of the album, please tell me about it.                                                                                   It was done by a great friend of mine Fengarm, he is astonishingly good with a brush. The guy on the cover is called Max Offensive, he was designed to offend all the major religions. He is wearing an Orthodox patriarch robe with christian crosses while reading a tora, on his head he has a bomb with the islamic symbol of allah (or as i like to call it the islamic symbol of cock n balls) and on the bomb theres a little jew hat. So yeah, Max is a pretty nasty guy.
           What differences are in Between your first Ep  “ Mortuary” and your new work “Be Offended”?                                                                                               We recorded Mortuary to basically give ourselves a kick in the ass, because nothing was going on, we where not getting any lives and all those songs where just going unheard. But we really did not know what the fuck we where doing recording wise. The production really sucked. The new Be Offended EP sounds much better (though we still have some things to work out). Plus in my opinion the songs on the new EP are better.
         Be offended is your new Ep. what are we going to find in it?
Ultra furious thrash metal with complicated compositions. Anyone who likes thrash or speed metal should like this, or in general people who like guitar driven music should be able to get behind this. It contains 6 tracks of awesome.

         How was the design and creation process of the album?
I wrote all the songs and showd them to the guys, we knew that this time around we would want to record it with cooler production values. So we built a home studio called Manstudio in the drummers basement. The budget was somthing like 150 euros so we had to use advanced construction methods, its all very crude, the studio looks like a dungeon a homeless guy would crash in. We lent lots of equipment because most of our shit is real low grade. The recording process itself took a long time, we where doing it on the side of going to school. It was really tiring, before you try to record and mix something professionally you don`t really know how much hard work its going to be. This time we where alot wiser on all fronts so the record turned out fine. For the song God Delusion the vocals were recorded in a active christian church turing the night, that was fucking awesome!
         In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?
One would certainly be our chemistry when playing together, because we have played along side each other for so long, we all kind of know each others moves, its real easy to play with these guys. This comes in especially during concerts, it's great to be on stage with guys you trust. We can also play our instrument pretty well. This might seem cliche but I think the songs are one of the strongest points.
         I like the sound of the guitars in this work, very raw and dark, tell me abouth the guitar work in this EP
I used a friends Peavey 6505+ 112 amp with a Celestion vintage 30 speaker, alot of emphisis was put on the high and low tones, also used a Ibanzes tube screamer pedal, the pedal gave alot of life to the sound. I use real skinny guitar strings, like the thin sound, also I do alot of bending so the skinny strings give me alot of mobility. Tried to keep the guitar out of the bass territory, I don`t like it how on many new metal albums the guitar sneaks into the bass lows.

         -What are your musical influences?
My favorite bands are Megadeth, King Diamond, Danzig and Voivod. Joonas is really influenced by Machine Head, Anthrax, Pantera, Lamb of god, and Rauno by Judas Priest, Razor, Megadeth and Pantera.
         My Favourite Song is Deadeye , what is yours?
         Probably Deadeye or Sinister 6. The funny thing with Deadeye is that originally when I wrote it I didn't like it. But after we played it with the band, it became one of our favorite tracks.
         What themes do you touch in your lyrics?
Politics, dreams, violence, history, religion and love.
           How do you see the current scene of the Heavy metal in your country?
Its not the best, there are some cool events happening in the north but here in Southern-Estonia where I live not much is going on. Heavy metal isn`t very popular. Tankist has never actually played live in our home town of Võru, most gigs have been in Northern-Estonia.
         How can the fan get your album?                                                                                  You can get the digital version trough our Bandcamp, all our stuff is now up there. We also have a physical version of Be Offended for 7 eur, you could get that by contacting us on facebook or our email: bandtankist@gmail.com. Also check out our youtube for lives and lyrics videos and such.
           What are your future plans?
         Glad you asked, we have a single coming in early September. And with the single we are also putting out some merchandise, so keep an eye out for that.
         Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead...  Thank you for taking an interest in the band, and a big thanks to all the listeners for being our unstoppable tank battalion!                                              

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