viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

Suffer the Pain Interview

Suffer the Pain is a swedish death/ crust band, “ midnight sacrifice” is his first Album: raw and very great sound. 

Stefan (Vocals and Guitar) is answering

1) What can we find in this work?
Deathmetal with a slice of Crustpunk. Or Crustpunk with a slice of Deathmetal

2) The sound is very rancid, I love it.. What are your favorite bands?
My favorit bands are, to say a few: Dismember, Guns n Roses, Dissection, Tragedy, Darkthrone,  Roky Erickson and many more..

3) What themes do you touch in your lyrics?
Death, horror, world destruction, anti religion and some politics

4) What differences we can find in this album regarding your previous works?
Ohh shit I dont know, this is the recording Im most happy about. Think it sounds just how I want Suffer The Pain to sound. Im really happy with the record

5) there are fourteen songs, in theory is long album, but your music is primitive, basic, and addictive, the more you listen to it the more you wish it. Are you happy with the reviews that your work is collecting ?
Yes really happy! Alot of nice words and reviews. So thanks to all the critics out there!

6) my favourite song is count orlok. its primitive, revival and awesome. What its your favourite song of this album?
I dont know, dont have a favorit I think. But yes, Stoffe (guitar) did a great song with Count Orlok

7) How do you see the swedish underground scene?
We have alot of good bands here in Sweden, always have. Swedish punk, death, black, thrash music is sounding really good right now.  Alot of "back to basics" and I like it!

8) How is the process of recording this album?
Recorded in our reahersalroom. We press rec and play. Some levels and reverb in the mix, done!

9) would you highlight of your work? Much  I personally liked the production of drums and guitars
That we made an album that we really like I think, and I also really like the cover art by Nate Burns

10) What future plans do you have?
Just keep making songs and records. And hopefully get some live shows boked. Get in contact!

11) How can the fan   get your album?
You can in a few months buy the vinyl from Phobia Records and the tape from Masasioragutan Records. Can also listen to the album now on spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud and youtube.

12) thanks for your amability, and congratulations once again for your fantastic work I recommended a lot suffer the pain “ midnight sacrifice” very good album: passion, rawness, old school, crust, death …. One of the surprises of this summer.. If you want to add something, forward.
Thanks alot, awesome that you like it! Yes, if someone wanna get in contact just write to, I always write back!. Cheers! / Stefan - Suffer The Pain
(Do a spellcheck on my answers if you want, I suck at spelling haha. Thanks for the interview!)

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