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Utvar Interview

Hello Friends, Today I have the pleasure to talk to Utvar, a one man band from Serbia, I speak with Sifr Shraddha

-          Matr is your new Album, what are we going to find in it?
First of all, I want to thank you for your intention about making this interview. It is always a good thing to get people closer to understanding what is behind Utvar, of course. And now, about Matr. Yes, it is the second studio album of Utvar, and I worked on in for two years. It contains 11 songs, each one with its own, unique approach towards the core of the album. The core is represented in the title – Matr, which has a deeper meaning. Matr, or MTR is the Indo-European linguistic root for the word Mother, that can be found in all of the languages that are within this linguistic group. To point out the reason why I took this linguistic root as a name of the second album lies not within the historical, geographical or national meaning of any kind. The meaning it has for the album is the one of the archetype of the divine feminine, the one that is within us, humans, transcending the appearing differences. As I said, songs elevate and honor, in their own way, this archetypical element, the core of the album.

-                How was the design and creation process of the album?
More then two years I have spent working on this release. What is much more important, when it comes to the music of Utvar and other projects of mine, is that that the creation process only happens when there is something to be put within the form of a song. That means, I always prefer to get into thing really deeply and with focus, in order to get to the source of it. From this kind of experiences, the whole movement of design and creation appears. Speaking about Matr, it could not be done without this kind of approach, at all. The form of ‘digging’ took place on both psychological and physical levels. The weight and the fullness, that you can hear in every song is, in a way, the result of a pretty hard work and process that took a bit of everything – time, emotions, energy, thoughts, events etc. All together, it was a wonderful experience, and the weight of it does not matter when you understand the goal deep within yourself. 

-              What themes do you touch in your lyrics?
All of the songs strive towards the same aim – to show the face, in their own manner, of a faceless expression of the core – the divine feminine. The lyrics, actually, speak of emotions and experiences that I needed to work with in order to create the songs. That means, the lyrics has to be put within the context of the title ‘Matr’. Only then, they have the right capacity to lead the listener inside, deep inside. Even if the lyrics seem to go from topic to topic, they actually speak about the same thing, from different angles. It is some sort of poetry with devotion (both in a romantic and spiritual sense), in a moment it may sound like love poetry (mystical and metaphoric love poetry).   

-          Matr, is more orientated to Shoegaze, please talk me about this.
The problem with the genre of Utvar persists. Maybe it is too narrow to put Utvars music in the box of shoegaze (then we will miss the black and even heavy and doom parts), but you would not be far from the truth if you say its orientation, on Matr, is more towards shoegaze. When it comes to genre, Utvar resists boxing, and I got a clue – everything needed to be done in order to express what I had to express, will be done. That leads us to one thing – the genre is irrelevant. Totally. Then, as a natural consequence, the breaking of the genre borders took place.

-          I think it is your best work, more ambitious, and you mixed several styles, what do you think?
Thank you very much! I am glad that you like it! Matr is ambitious in some kind of way, when I now look at it, it strives (and it constantly did, for two years) to show something that is much, much bigger then me as the creator of it and a person. Of course, I have my own opinion about achievement of this release, and I would leave fans conclusion to fans. The mixing of styles goes more with the breaking through the limits of genre, actually, as I mentioned in the answer above. It has to come to pass. Otherwise the well of creative water may go dry. In the sea, all the rivers flows, and you can not actually find the water from one particular river and say that it is from it. It is the same situation when the boarders of genre crushed. You got the whole mix of styles. You can name them, but the lines between them are elusive. The naming part is irrelevant for Utvars music.  

-          I like very much two songs, please talk me about this song: “Nikada ni bilo nije”, it is emotional and dark. What is your opinion?
‘Never Ever Was’ is the English translation of songs name. Yes, it is one of the marks of Utvar, the combination of emotional and dark elements. The song actually has a narrative perspective within it. Like the song ‘Chrysalis’, ‘Nikada Ni Bilo Nije’ talks about an event, a metaphoric one, where the cold and strong wind talks to the flowers. In the process of ripping apart the newborn flowers he, in the same time, sings and speaks to them, explaining them that they ‘should not weep, for it is all a game’. Behind the scene of the wind and flowers, the listener could see the questions that arise within all of us, those so called ‘the eternal questions’. The way that the wind gives the answer to them is not the one that we are used to, it goes on like this - ’what is the difference between life and a picture? Whatever the answer may be, it will be followed only by the stench of arrogance’’ or like this ‘’what is the difference between lies and truths? Alas, there is nothing, and never ever was, those are only the stories – that life exists and the essences within it’’, ‘’Listen to the silence, without a single thought – nothing will disappear, for it never ever was’’. The metaphoric game (life and death / questions and answers) of wind and flowers can be seen in the front, but there is a serious happening behind the picture that we see. This type of narrative approach is used within a few more songs on Matr.  

-          “Neum” is more orientated to shoegaze. Great atmosphere, what do you think?
Thank you! Yes, it is not focused on black metal moments, more like a classic song with clean vocal singing. Even without that aggressive movement of music, you can still find the weight within the song, and that is the case with ‘Neum’ (meaning No-mind in English). In my opinion, there are even rock and heavy metal parts in ‘Neum’ as well as shoegaze parts.The songs lyric is like an opposite of the self-centered goals. It the refrain there is some kind of a call for the end of everything that is needed for a person to become strong, powerful etc. This paradox is in a way associated with that what one can hardly understand with a dull view of everyday needs and deeds. Every song on Matr has this spiritual and devotional filter through which is looked upon the matters discussed in the song.

-          I like very much the shoegaze parts, but I think there are a very dark and black parts, in the middle of the songs, very strong, I think it is a great part of the songs. You mixed strong and extreme music with elements of ambient. It is very good mix of styles. What was your intention?
Forcing the one style or one side of the coin prevents us from seeing the other side. It is the same with the music. The mixing of styles becomes natural, and the genre seems like a limit, when the aim is to transfer the emotions and experiences through the channel of music. Even dangerous can become, if I may say, the limits of the genre, cause it puts a label on the music, and then the music suppose to promote one genre or another. The Utvars intention is always – a good and fine elevation of the inspirational source. The appearing opposites within the music (mild/aggressive, ambient/dark) are more there to illustrate the whole of the coin (the metaphoric saying above). By the time those appearing opposites got together, it was clear that the core of the album, the idea around archetype of the divine feminine is to be approached from million of different angles, yet none of them actually deformed the core idea. Music is for some other sake, not for the sake of genre. 

-          In this album, you mixed songs in English and Serbian language, please talk me about this.
Yes. There are times when English language is the best bridge for the inspiration to do its stuff in the song. I do not know will English took the primary place in the creations to come, but Serbian is my native tongue, and it is easier for me to put pictures and metaphoric thing via it. When it comes to more complex elements of lyrics, both languages has their own magic. That is for sure. I can say, as with the case of a genre, that Utvar will not limit its way of lyrical expression at all.  

-              How can the fan get your album?
Unfortunately, there is still no label for Matr, so there are no CDs in the shops. There are some copies of Matr that I did on my own, only few. Since the date of Matrs release, these CDs become like a gift to the people that are really into Utvars music. I like the fact that I can give these copies to those that Utvar really matters. 

-          What are your future plans?
From one side, it would be best for Utvar to find a lable, so the releases can be avalable in the shops for real. There are some plans about first live shows in the coming 2016. but we will see how the thing are going. About the music, the realisation of very one important thing has occured – the way of expressing will took whathever form it may took, but the core, the source is the one that stays. There is only one thing that is for sure, and that is one direction – inside. Deeper and deeper intro the inspirational source, for the sake of creating the music. For the sake of Utvars purpose.

-          Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. Happy holidays and a happy new year Sifr.  If you wish to add something, go ahead…
It has been a pleasure and it always will be! Thank you! I wish you all the best in the days to come and a happy new year!
Of course, I wish to thank everyone that participated on this album, directly of indirectly. Matr began its trip pretty nice, and I am thankful to that. Utvar will spread as much as it can to reach to those people who will recognize the flame that moves the body and soul of its music. The aim of the art created within Hram Plamena (The Temple Of The Flame) is to elevate and honor The Nameless Beauty that forever remains intact and unseen. This is only a beginning. 

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