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Warsenal Interview

Hello Friends, Today I have the pleasure to talk to Warsenal ,  Speed thrash Band from Canada, very cool stuff. 

-          Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Warsenal created?

First of all, Mathieu and Francis have been friends for a while and Mathieu started playing guitar and one year later Francis started bass. We then found a drummer and did pretty much a Megadeth and Metallica cover band. We met Antoine in a gig/party where we were playing. We wanted to start composing our own stuff, but our first drummer wasn’t ready for this I guess, so we got rid of him and asked Antoine to join. On our first rehearsal we were supposed to start with Antichrist from Slayer, but we never played the song and right away started composing an original song. We felt that connection between all of us three and we knew Antoine was the man. So that was how Warsenal was born in 2012.

-              What differences are in Between your first demo and your new work “ Barn Burner”?

Barn Burner has been recorded on a 2 days live recording. As for the demo, we were recording all the instruments separately and the drums were recorded on an electronic drum set with the MIDI sounds bullshit. We didn’t want to do that for the album, we felt it didn’t represent us and the true and raw spirit we wanted the album to have. We also gained more maturity and complexity in the new songs’ structure that are on Barn Burner. Mathieu’s voice also sounds better and more powerful on Barn Burner.  

-           Barn Burner is your new Album , what are we going to find in it?

9 fast and raw songs infused with a load of riffs with notes flying everywhere. There are so many new metal bands these days that we naturally went full on speed and crazy tempo-changing riffs to stand out of the mass. 

-          How was the design and creation process of the album?

For the design, as soon as we knew we would call our album Barn Burner, we already had a good idea of what the artwork would look like. We then hired Carter Doody whom we had discovered through the amazing job he did on the album “Oracles” by Zaum. Carter took the idea we had and did it like 10 times better. The final result was way better than what we expected.
As for the creation process, we did 2 days live recording, Black Sabbath’s style, at the Tone Bender Studio in Montreal. We were all playing in the same room at the same time while recording. So, no bullshit, what you hear is what you’ll get. It was pretty exhausting to rush 9 songs in two days, but that’s the price to pay, since we wanted to keep the true and raw spirit. Same thing for the production quality, it was a personal artistic choice. We don’t like the overproduce, almost robotic, sound of most nowadays metal bands. We wanted to give the listeners the feeling we get when we listen to our favorite 80’s albums.

-               In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?

Definitely, the energy that comes out of our riffing madness and the punkish attitude Antoine brings to the drums. Also, the fact that Francis can actually play bass and that he doesn’t content on following the guitar riffs, but rather creates his own riffs that match perfectly the guitar riffs, which gives more consistence to the songs. 

-          What are your musical influences? 

It’s really a big melting pot of bands and musical styles. For Mathieu, it’s more 80’s Old School Thrash and Speed bands such as Megadeth or Destruction for example. He’s a huge fan of Thrash bands’ first album. It’s always fast, true and raw. Added to that a touch of Black Sabbath and new blood’s Enforcer and you pretty much got Mathieu’s riffs inspiration. For Francis he is more into Jazz so you can feel the groove in its bass and riffs.  Antoine is more of a Punk fan so you can feel the energy and aggression when he is pounding its drums. That being said, it would be too restrictive to say those are our only influences. We get some elements from all kind of music. We are really opened minded toward many type of music. 

-          Warsenal Mixed old school Speed metal with Thrash metal, a lot of energy, I think that warsenal sounds more Speed than Thrash. What do you think? 

Yeah right. Thing is, Thrash Metal is pretty hard to put into some sort of boundaries, but we’re definitely more on the speed side than the crossover one, that’s for sure.

-          My Favourite Song is “ Conquer” , what is yours?

“Conquer” is really a fun one to play live! But our favorite song to play would probably be “Dying on Stage”. There are a lot of riffs and tempo changing in a short period of time, so it doesn’t get boring for us playing it and everyone got its little moment to shine in the song.

-            What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

We talk about whatever happens in our lives or a story that we want to tell. It can go from politics, to war, to some less serious topics. But all in all, our lyrics are really about making the listener feels like a badass, like he’s the king of the world and to stand strong for what he believes in the face of adversity.

-               How do you see the current scene of the thrash metal in Quebec ?

There are some really great Thrash bands in Montreal and Quebec City and the fans and musicians are just sticking up together and helping each other to keep it alive, since Thrash is not that much of a mainstream type of Metal in Quebec. There are no competition between bands, it’s more about helping each other out and that’s how it should always be.

-          How can the fan get your album?

You can get it directly from us by sending us an Email or on Facebook via our Big Cartel page. You can also order it from our label Punishment 18 Records and the distributors : Andromeda (Italy) - Code7/Plastic Head  (United Kingdom) - Season Of Mist (France) - Tws Source of Deluge (Germany - Austria - Switzerland) - Musick Assault/Border (Sweden) Hammerheart (Benelux) - OZ Productions (Mexico) - On Parole (Slovenia) - End of the Light (Canada) - Defense Records (Poland).
-               What are your future plans?

Touring as much as possible to get more people to know us and record another album soon.

-          Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…
Thanks a lot for the interview. And to  whoever who’s reading this, Keep it True and Raw!

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