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Katacomb Interview

Interview with Eetu Laustela ( Vocals in Katacomb)

-Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Katacomb created?

The band was founded in 2010 by Antti (the drummer) and Ville (the guitarist). I wasn't there myself until a bit later but as far as I know they both just liked metal and wanted to try playing some covers together. They then asked me to join them as a singer in autumn 2010 and I decided to give it a shot. Then we just started playing covers and writing songs...

-What differences are in Between your first  demo  and your new work “Unrelenting the Power”?

We don't have the demo up in the internet anymore because we think it sounds pretty shit but anyone who has heard it can tell you that basically everything has improved. Three of the four songs on the demo did make it to the new album (Into the Katacomb, Speed of Light and Rising from the Tombs) but they all changed quite a lot. For example in "Into the Katacomb" only the verses remain the same while everything else rewritten or changed. Also back in 2011 we didn't have a bassist, so Ville just recorded the bass and it was basically just doing the same stuff as on guitar. Really just everything is better now: the songs, the mixing, our playing skills... the list goes on.

- Unrelenting the Power is your new Album , what are we going to find in it?

Unrelenting Power is basically just in-your-face brutal old school thrash metal. We do have some slower parts in there but mostly its just aggressive and very fast thrash. We aren't trying to innovate, just make music we enjoy listening to.

- How was the design and creation process of the album?

You could say the making process took us 5 years: The first version of "Rising from the Tombs" was written already back in 2010. We talked about making a full-length album for ages after releasing the demo EP but I guess we started seriously preparing for it sometime in 2014, which is when we started to have enough songs together. During the fall and winter of 2014 we went back and redid many of the old songs and wrote the last few songs which were "The Curse" and "Overdose". We then got into a studio for 5 days in January 2015 and recorded the whole thing. We had a lot of trouble with our artwork and such for the CD which is why it took us almost 10 months to actually get the album released after recording it...

- In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?

I think we have a pretty unique sound, we don't sound like many of the new wave thrash bands. We still have a modern sound I think but with an very old-school feel. I think just in general especially many of the riffs and vocals, while maybe not exactly so ”original”, make the songs sound like Katacomb and not any other band.

-What are your musical influences?

I can only speak for myself but big influences for me on vocals were stuff like Overkill, Razor, Dark Angel... just classic thrash bands like that. We also used to play a lot of covers by bands like Slayer, DRI, Sodom, Sepultura etc. so I think they had an influence in our music.
In general our influences are all the music we listen to. 

-   My Favourite Song is Into the Katacomb , what is yours?
My favorite changes a lot but I think "The Curse" is the song I've listened the most. It is really hard to say, I like all of the songs... I do agree ”Into The Katacomb” might just be the best song on the album in regards of songwriting.

- What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

The lyrics are pretty much all over the place: Overdose is about overdosing on drugs, Rising From The Tombs is about the dead rising from the graves, Shock Combat is about a soldier left to die in a battlefield... All the songs are lyrically quite different but the topics are all pretty clichè metal stuff I guess. Speed of Light is actually so cheesy its almost embarassing! You can read our lyrics at the Encyclopedia metallum or bandcamp or buy our album.

- Your sound is a big surprise for me. No solos, only riffs, and more strongriffs, speed, and dark atmosphere, the music of katacomb is a fuking earthquake. What do you think?

Yes, our sound is pretty crazy. Our guitarist Ville just dislikes playing solos so we just ended up not having any! Instead of solos, I think he has a lot of very atmospheric riffs like you said which give some of the songs quite mystic and dark feel. We did add some bass solos to balance it out in songs like ”Leprotic Nightmare” and ”Overdose”.  I think this mix is quite unique for us.

- How do you see the current scene of the Thrash in your country?

I think the scene in Finland is good, there a lot of smaller bands, for example our friends in Excuse and Rapid. There are also bands that are actually getting quite big with record deals and such like Ranger and Speedtrap so I think the scene is doing pretty well. There are a lot of shows as well, both small and big.

- How can the fan get your album?
Fans can get our album at where they can download it for free or buy the physical CD for 10 euros!

- What are your future plans?

We don't really have future plans right now: we haven't practiced since January and we all live pretty far away from each other. We will just try to reach as many people as possible with this album for now. If we are to do something new with the band, it probably won't be until the summer of 2016 and even then it's not certain. 

- Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

Thanks for interviewing and taking interest in us! Go check us out and and spread the word about "Unrelenting Power". Thank you!

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