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Liquid Cemetery

Hello Friends, Today I have the pleasure to talk to Liquid Cemetery , a Black metal band from Hungary, very original stuff.

         Hi guy, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was  Liquid Cemetery created?

 Respect from Hungarian earth!
   I am József Tóth , the founder and the operator of the Liquid Cemetery one-man band. The idea for making the LC is came in 2012. Then i was active member and songwriter of more (Nekrofília, Abehrum ) , these formations consists of several members and we must made compromise to all of the members couls identify with the say and the diction.
The work together is often hard, i love more the original experimentations while the others like the Traditional ways of song writing.
I had enough of it then I create a personal project wich is my musical manifestation in 100 % . Own thoughts, own riffs, own song structures.
For the LC not bound by the rules so I can write songs and lyrics without compromise.

           What differences are in Between your album  and your latest  “ ep”?
Both of the records were recorded in 2015.
The songs of "Withdrawal symptom in agony" were written in 2012 largely that is why I made difference in sound that i sever the two records.
I can not recorded these songs in 2012. My living conditions did not allow. I was very down all mentally and physically.

As the years passed my life began to turn in the right direction. I tried to ignore and forget this record because it brough forth wrong memories. But forgetting has never been complete. During this 3 years I played guitar these riffs many times , because these were honest. Than It flashed once a time , that I record them and I point to the end.
The redording of the songs was easy, the feeling that motivated me to wrote the songs became channeled through. Nonetheless they can feel the lethargic , dark mood.
The songs of  "The consciousness modification" EP was born during the recording of the  "Withdrawal symptom in agony" . The mood is different a little bit, it contains more anger and the say is polished. Less emotion and rigor characterize these songs feel.

         Withdrawal Symptom in Agony is your new Album , what are we going to find in it?

This album Courtesy allowed to appear the german  Wolfmond Production .Two materials can hear it : "Withdrawal Symptom in Agony" and the "The consciousness modification".

         How was the design and creation process of the album?
Clearly I wanted to express myself with the cover, I think it was successful. The Satanism appears in different forms for everyone,  at me it blurred together with self-destruction. This important meeting of the symbol is shown on the cover.

         I like very much the atmosphere of the songs, very dark,  oppressive, please talk me about this
Each song comes from a dark era .In those days it was empty and depressing. I could not find my place in the world and I lived without goals. The chaos was my best friend and I walked the path of self-destruction .
Since I already play guitar since childhood, I could fix those feelings in this manner so this is also the songs were born.

           In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?
Perhaps honesty and to ignore all scripted stuff.  This music will never stand in line, it will never be trendy, or accepted, because few can identify with him.

         -What are your musical influences?
The black metal/suicide/doom/dark as a genre is very much influenced by my life and my composing as well.
Since I know this style , there have always been gangs of Hungarian black metal big impact on me because they are much more honest and more spiritual than the northern gangs.

             My Favourite Song is The Flow is Getting Harder, What is yours?
There is no specific favorite, I like them all, because none of which would be without the other .I look at the songs as a unit large mood what you will live through the people you have finished listening to the disc .

           What themes do you touch in your lyrics?
It includes a story .When I wrote these songs I was on the way of self-destruction .I used all kinds of exorbitantly
mind-altering drug , caring nothing about what kind of damage it can cause in me.
My life was a hell of a cycle which is involved in the procurement of drug , and lack of utilization of said .These songs are moods of a junkie mind , about the expectation, the intoxication and addiction.
Waiting for the package
This intro is a mysterious introduction , when  in the brain is born the idea to need to act - this dependence STEERING noise itself.The text of the song explains the wait : the tremor , the excitement when you know that you are going to travel soon .
The arrival
This song is about how much to give confidence that you got the stuff,this time I thought the world is mine and I hurried home, to be mine ... The text is one line: Slowly it's all over ( note :the real world) it will be silence, death and peace (note: intoxication).
Liquid in the blood
Obvious. To this I created a video .
The flow is geting harder
It describes the post- bracket state, the duality when mixed with clear ideas of hallucination . It is a struggle, a duality that can harm you do to yourself ,but in the meantime you can also sense that an amendment gates you open that you did not already know.
Bad trip
It is a process that soft melancholy  slowly goes through a rough nightmare. The text of the song is a cry of relief that happens to myself and no one hears .
Over dose
Totally chaos. When I lost my relationship with the outside world - this is the nearest point to the overdose death.
Negative side effect
These recurring Tripps : a clear head when you remember something that happened , but you only gave birth to the whole head . Yeah it can be depressing and terrifying confusion .
Last trip
The last trip. It extends further than the other and not nearly as intense.The trips are in love with this statemost.This part of the analysis, a summary of thoughts experienced during your travels .

          I like the atmosphere, and the mid tempos in this work, the band mixed several ideas and styles, and the sound is very original, dark and depressive, what do you think?
Really! The traditional black metal elements is extremely relevant given the other elements in my music. It always depends on the mood of the song, I love to mix these styles , I'm not afraid to try a unique fusions. I do not like tagging so if anyone tries this with my music , it will not be easy.

             How do you see the current scene of the Heavy metal in your country?
The Hungarian HM is OK, there are good bands, but there is not much  and those who are 50-60 years old people . Hungary is a small country and  Hammer Records label dominate , suppressing any beginner band. The Hungarian bands get a chance to present themselves and abroad recognition.
The Hammer Records was only interested in money , not talent . It is sad and depressing that many good and talented band have been recording the album before bleeding to death and you never know the music.
In summer, when comes the rock -metal festivals is never anything interesting . More concerts in those same ten years the bands.

            How can the fan get your album?
Production by the Wolfmond Production says publisher. Daniel publisher bosses conscientiously spreading the word , super face, a true underground warrior!

         What are your future plans?
In February of 2016 it is expected the new material will be a lot of good songs album .

         Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

I thank you for the opportunity to present themselves, basically you were the first who dealt with me in this way. It feels good , so please accept from me this new song , the 2016 album that will be heard.

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